Bed Bugs

In recent years, bed bugs have been reported all across the united states and quickly spreading

Some facts about Bed Bugs:-

  • The adult bed bug is oval and flat.
  • They grow to only about a quarter of an inch long.
  • Under cover of darkness, they crawl in search of blood.
  • They come out at night for a blood meal.
  • Bed Bugs act as hitch-hikers requiring humans travel from place to place.
  • If you travel often the chances increase that you could bring some home.
  • Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans or animals often while sleeping.
  • Bed bugs can go for 3 months or longer without feeding

  • Consultation to customers on prevention of re-infestation.
        Size: 1/4"
        Shape: Flat, broad, oval
        Color: Mahogany to rusty brown and they turn red after sucking blood
        Legs: 6
        Wings: No
        Antenna: Yes
        Common Name: Bed bug
        Kingdom: Animalia
        Phylum: Arthropoda
        Class: Insecta
        Order: Hemiptera
        Family: Cimicidae
        Species: Cimex lectularius

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